Bullying : A Serious Social Problem

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Formerly thought to be just a normal aspect of growing up, bullying in schools is increasingly being recognized as a serious social problem that should be met with organized preventative efforts to downsize it. Bullying commonly deals with three aspects such as the nature of its occurrence, the frequency it takes place, and the effects it can have on a person. While each instance is different for each person, one constant is that this is a uncomfortable situation for anyone to deal with. Bullying can be described as a negative form of behavior or hostility. Many times bullying doesn 't take place one time on numerous occasions. It also may occur in a wide range of other forms of abuse and assault against children, for example, as physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse. This may be perpetrated by peers, by known adults and by strangers. For all intents and purposes, every type of bullying represent a abuse of influence, a negative use of power in order to dominate another, suppress, control and humiliate another individual or persons that may not be able to stand up for themselves (because of fear).
It can be perceived bullying is not only a learned behavior that many people of all ages are struggling with. Another thing to take into consideration is that, bullying is not limited to schools, nor social relationships among children. It may take on countless forms in a variety areas such as, relationships among adults, as well as on both private and public sectors

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