Bullying And Its Effect On Children

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Bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone whether it is online or in person. It can happen at school, in your neighborhood, or while your on-line. “Bullying is when someone is being hurt by words or by actions on purpose.” “Cyberbullying is using technology - internet, email, cell phones, social media, pictures - to hurt or harm someone.” It can have a major effect on the bully and the victim both. But, bullying is not just name calling, it is also teasing, spreading rumors, leaving someone out on purpose, or talking about someone or hurting someone. Bullying is a big deal and has ruined many lives of children who are just my age. Teaching kids about bullying is very important so they will know what to do if they are being bullied or …show more content…

Many bullies either got picked on themselves or have a bad home life so they need to make other people 's lives bad also. There are also some bullies that just pick on kids to get attention or they think that it is cute. If a bully does not have a lot of stuff that other people have, they feel the need to pick on other kids so that they can stand out and fit in. Bullies do not realize is how much picking on someone can affect them.
Cyberbullying and bullying have many similarities but do not have very much differences. The similarities of cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying are as simple as them both being some form of bullying. There are different levels of bullying however. Such as the first level being you simply calling someone a name. The next level would be them going from calling them a name once, to them calling them a name everyday. If it continues to get worse and worse than it may even get to the point where they start physically bullying them. Some get as bad as the bully beating them up. But all bullying is bad and not okay. You can hurt people really badly, no matter how much you do it and no matter if it is behind a screen or not. That 's why the answer to my research question - Is cyberbullying as bad as face-to-face? - is yes. “Both are bullying that can cause harmful effects.” But, the bully seems as if they are more bold behind a computer

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