Bullying In Public Schools

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I think the central idea is that people get bullied at their schools but they don't like being bullied by other people so their was this 11 year old boy named Ronan Schuelke and he got bullied by other classmates and got pushed and got names called in the school lunchroom, so what he did was that he made a music video that goes along with a Katy Perry song that was really popular. He made this video with other classmates that got bullied or friends that wanted to help stop bulling. In the text it said that "I think this is something the kids will pick up...and maybe try it," this means that if kids around the world see this video they could stand up for themselves if they are being bullied or they could stand up for someone else that is being bullied.They also started a schoolwide program that could work best. they were talking about how some of these programs talk to students and they help them out if they are having problems with other student. In the text it said that " When PBIS began 15 years ago, it focused on students with special needs or severe behavior problems,then educators then realized that all students must be involved in antibullying …show more content…


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