Bullying Is A Universally Contagious

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Bullying is a universally contagious that have impacted many secondary school students all over the globe to feel self-conscious, less confidence, lonely, and anxious and it has been going for many decades. A study by Collier, Bos, and Sandfort (2013) discusses about its common incidence and the connection between homophobic verbal victimization and mental health in teenagers considering for their sexual preferences and different balanced of gender non-conformity. The article highlights on a specific kind of bullying which is homophobic name-calling and its connection to teenager mental health in the Netherlands. They also examine the different part of gender, gender expression, and sexual preferences in homophobic peer victimization. The verbal victimization that is being used by children and teenagers tend to emphasize status differences. The teenagers who use of homophobic nicknames (fag) also has been related with other victimization behaviors; those who use these kinds of languages are more likely to be oppressive. Additionally, homophobic peer victimization is not only used for lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB), but also have been used against those who appeared to be distinctive such as boys who are studious or slower to mature physically. Another risk factor for peer victimization is gender non-conformity. In such studies, transgender has been linked with larger subjection into boys than girls especially with homophobic name-calling. Moreover, LGB and sexually

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