Bullying On Social Media

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How do we fix bullying on social media? People can experience less bullying on social media if they had less interaction with it. Bullying happens in and out of school nowadays bullying has become more prevalent over the years on social media. In this time bullying on social media has escalated into something worse than it ever has been before. It not only happens everyday in and out of schools but now appears on social media more than ever. Bullying on social media varies from commenting on someone’s instagram post with a rude and or negative comment. It also regards to a person creating an inappropriate picture of someone else, or spreading a viral image that does not go with the user’s consent and or liking. In most school’s bullying…show more content…
She was an ordinary girl going to school the year of 1999, and did not expect what was about to happen as she standed outside her high school that day. Rachel was one of the very first kids shot that day during the Columbine High School massacre. Rachel didn’t get bullied, but it was the fact of the matter that what she symbolized as an individual. One day when Rachel’s parents were cleaning and moving things in her room and came across her handprint on the back of her dresser. On the handprint it read, “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of hearts.” Rachel always spoke of kindness and never truly realizing how far it would go. She was remembered as someone who always had a smile, and always had respect, compassion and kindness. Bullying awareness has been created in the hopes that the bullying that occurs all around the world would eventually end. “Rachel’s challenge” was created for that certain purpose. There was such things and activities such as,“friends of Rachel” where there would be representatives from each class and or school that would meet for rallys to end bullying. Ever since the Rachel’s Challenge Organization was created, bullying has decreased by a
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