Bullying Scandal From The Air Force Academy

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The Air Force Academy investigated yet another cheating scandal. This case showed that some cadets copied portions of a chemistry lab assignment and it is believed that 40 freshman cadets were involved. With this being the 4 cheating scandal from the Air Force Academy, their academic integrity has lost its importance. Not only do they not know how to stop the cadets from cheating but when they catch the cadets, consequences are lessened which should not be happening. The Christian Science Monitor reveals “Cadets who break the code can be expelled, but the Colorado Springs Gazette reports freshmen violators are generally treated more leniently under current rules. They can be placed on honor probation instead.” (Associated Press, 2014). Placing cadets on probation is reducing the punishment and also not getting the message across. When reducing punishments on cheating, it sends the students a message that cheating is not a big deal. With cheating scandals becoming a reoccurring problem across the country, several states are rushing to put into place new testing etiquette before classes resume. In New York Education Commissioner, John B. King Jr., fabricated a task force last month to review all characteristics of student assessments. The Commissioner will be broadcasting a series of procedures to guarantee the integrity of our testing system before our students return to school in September. Specific measures haven 't been announced, but state officials said they want…
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