Bullying Scandal From The Air Force Academy

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The Air Force Academy investigated yet another cheating scandal. This case showed that some cadets copied portions of a chemistry lab assignment and it is believed that 40 freshman cadets were involved. With this being the 4 cheating scandal from the Air Force Academy, their academic integrity has lost its importance. Not only do they not know how to stop the cadets from cheating but when they catch the cadets, consequences are lessened which should not be happening. The Christian Science Monitor reveals “Cadets who break the code can be expelled, but the Colorado Springs Gazette reports freshmen violators are generally treated more leniently under current rules. They can be placed on honor probation instead.” (Associated Press, 2014). …show more content…
Ben Wolfgang states, Atlanta became the poster child for such corruption after a recent government probe found that 44 schools and 178 teachers and principals had been faking test scores for the past decade (Wolfgang, 2011).
Dozens of schools in Pennsylvania, including many in the Philadelphia area, are under investigation. In the District, the inspector general for the federal Education Department is looking into suspected cheating, and D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson has welcomed the review. Similar cheating charges have confronted schools in Dallas, Baltimore, Houston and elsewhere. More than 30 New Jersey schools remain under investigation for falsifying test scores, and state officials are taking a variety of steps to prevent cheating. “The recent wave of cheating scandals across the country has reminded us that even though the vast majority of our teachers and administrators are honest, hard-working professionals, a small handful of unethical people sometimes do unethical things,” Christopher D. Cerf, the state 's acting education commissioner, said in a July 19 memo to school leaders (Wolfgang, 2011). These actions not only threaten the integrity of our data, but worse they undermine the hard work of their students and demean the passion and commitment of teachers.
When you cheat there is a lot at stake. If you cheat once, you are more likely to cheat again. It is believed to be easier to cheat than to actually learn the material for

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