Bus 515 Midterm Exam Assignment

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Multiple Choice Question 56
Supply chain management involves managing:
• the flow of internal information only.
• the flow of materials and information from suppliers and buyers to the final customer.
• the flow of raw materials to inventory only.
• managing the stock room supply only.

Multiple Choice Question 14
A company with a low customer contact that is capital intensive is called:
• a farm
• manufacturing
• quasi-manufacturing
• service
• industrial era operations management

Multiple Choice Question 50
When was the first mathematical model for inventory management developed?
• 1770
• 1865
• 1900
• 1913
• 1930

Multiple Choice Question 68
Operations management personnel perform a variety of functions, …show more content…

• design engineers hand the product over to the final design engineers.
• the product specifications are drawn up.

Multiple Choice Question 44
What type of operations focus on products in the early stage of the life cycle?
• intermittent
• downstream
• recycle
• gateway
• repetitive

Multiple Choice Question 58
A technology which uses sensor tags to monitor perishable products is:
• RF

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Multiple Choice Question 47
Early supplier involvement refers to the involvement of critical suppliers for what?
• Strategic planning
• Assembly line design
• Speedy delivery planning
• Selection of new suppliers
• New product design

Multiple Choice Question 42
What term refers to the mission or objectives of a partnership?
• Impact
• Intimacy
• Dream
• Conception
• Vision

Multiple Choice Question 65
Benetton is well known for the practice of assembling all white sweaters and waiting to dye them much closer to the time of sale. This is an example of what?
• Stupidity
• Postponement
• Fractionalization
• Partitioning
• Genericness

Multiple Choice Question 41
What term refers to the working relationship between partners?
• Impact
• Vision
• Familiarity
• Intimacy
• Proximity

Multiple Choice Question 57
What type of warehouse is used for short-term storage, consolidation, and product mixing?

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