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Course Study Guide 2012 Contemporary Issues in Management Contents 1. Welcome 3 2. Introduction to the Course 4 2.1 Aims 4 2.2 Learning Outcomes 4 2.2.1 Knowledge and understanding of: 4 2.2.2 Intellectual Skills: 4 2.2.3 Subject practical skills: 4 2.2.4 Transferable skills: 4 2.3 Learning and teaching activities 4 3. Contact Details 5 4. Course Content 6 4.1 Session Reading 7 5. Assessment Details 8 5.1 Summary of assessment 8 5.2 Detailed description of assessment 8 6. Other Details 9 1. Welcome ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.’ Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II It is a well-worn cliché that the only certainty in these interesting times is…show more content…
Knowledge and understanding: Lectures and recommended readings expose students to current advanced research on organizational and management thought and their applications to management processes in complex operating environments. Knowledge and understanding of these areas is deepened with small group discussion, case analysis, group work and independent information gathering. B. Intellectual Skills: B1. Breadth of Outlook A strong emphasis on independent reading and research in the course is particularly important for developing breadth of outlook at this level of study. Case analysis, individual and group assignments encourage comparison of cultures and viewpoints and encourage reflection on the complexity of contemporary management milieu and the dilemmas that face management professionals. B2. Wisdom Group discussion and case analysis is designed to encourage reflection on the complex environment of contemporary management practices and theories and students’ own experiences and judgement in the face of challenging scenarios and dilemmas. B3. Personal Effectiveness Group discussion and case analyses are guided by tutors sensitive to participants’ comfort levels. Cases and discussion are designed to introduce increasingly challenging concepts through the course. C. Subject Practical Skills: Seminar activities such as case studies and discussion provide the bases for a deep understanding of the

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