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“Financial Management.” Please respond to the following: * Imagine yourself as the financial planner for a small company with 100 employees. Briefly describe your (imaginary) business and describe your strategy for financial planning and managing assets. * Using the same scenario, determine how you would finance a five-fold expansion of your company. Explain your rationale. My small company is Terry’s Graphics. We do all different kinds of graphic design work from designing people symbols to put onto cars, to putting graphic signs onto cars, to Christmas letters, to newsletters, etc. Our financial plan will be a document which will specify the funds, which will be needed by Terry’s Graphics for a period of time. I am going…show more content…
The team and I will focus on various ways to market the company compared to competitors and demographics to target. I might need to copyright this idea My small company will be an extreme sports company. We would offer extreme sport equipment like skateboards, snow boards, motorcycles and other equipment related to extreme sports. We would also have a park behind the company where people can come enjoy and participate in their preferred sport while also receiving free training. Since our equipment is our asset we will develop the top of the line equipment with the best quality available. Our company would develop different techniques of sustaining both short and long term assets. Plan s may include investing in company products to improve the quality. Financial planning will be done in house to help determine best investments for employees and the company. These planning sessions will help educate against financial loss. The company would support a fivefold expansion by developing yearly goals and how much profit should be saved to future investments in property or equipment. With this plan, a percentage of the profits will be placed in an account that will be invested in stock to bring in greater revenue. We will have financial planners that will help us invest in safe stocks to prevent against loss. The company will also look into diversifying into different industries to prevent again loss as
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