Business Accounting And Career Research Report

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Business Accounting and Career Research Report From: Crystal Leotaud Student Number: 300854350 For: Vicky Ghazarian Date: Thursday July 9, 2015 Academic Program Outline In the School of business at Centennial College my program of study I am enrolled into is “Business Accounting 2801”, it is a 2 year diploma program. The reason why I chose to pursue Business Accounting as a profession is due to the various career paths and employment is abundant. The accounting field is broad and touches all businesses and industries, I also selected this program because I have a good grasp for numbers and logic. In addition, to completion of Business Accounting I hope to further my skills with all the knowledge I obtained by finding a suitable career…show more content…
COMP-106 Applied Business Software 1 Lecture Hours: 3+1** Lab Hours: 4 Basic concepts and skills in the Windows operating system (file management), basic computer concepts (hardware/software), basic Internet and E-mail usage, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint FINA-110 Canadian Investments Funds Course Lecture Hours: 4 Overview of subject matter essential for the individual who requires general knowledge of the mutual fund industry and related topics. The individual may want to become a professional in the mutual funds industry or simply want to expand their knowledge of mutual funds for personal interest. Math 119 Mathematics of Finance Part 2 Lecture Hours: 4 Introduced to the common practice in consumer finance as used by Canadian companies. MKTG-116 Principles of Marketing Lecture Hours: 3 Overview of contemporary marketing, emphasizing the management of the product/service, price, promotion and distribution areas of an organization within a changing environment. Semester 2 Accounting 150 Small Business Software Lecture Hours: 2 Lab Hours: 4 Managerial accounting topics related to cost concepts & the cost of goods manufacture schedule, job order costing, process costing, activity based costing, master budgets, flexible budgets and variance analysis. Instructional methods include lectures, class discussion and problem-solving. Accounting 221 Financial Accounting 2 Lecture Hours: 4 Topics include: Receivables, Capital Asset valuation
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