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Bimbo Bakeries USA, headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania is the United States affiliate of Grupo Industrial Bimbo, founded in Mexico City, Mexico. Though Grupo Bimbo is now a multinational corporation, it began as a single family-owned bakery in Mexico City called “El Molino”. Lorenzo Servitje Sendra worked with his father in the family bakery throughout his childhood, but when his father died in 1936 he had to take over. Lorenzo was educated and ambitious, and together with three of his family members devised a plan to increase the scope of their business. They bought five delivery vans to deliver their breads, wrapped in plastic to preserve freshness, to various small stores daily. Customers loved their product and within a few years they had increased production and were expanding outside of Mexico City. By 1955 they had a fleet of 100 delivery trucks. They were growing fast and organized their operations as ‘Grupo Industrial Bimbo’ in 1965. They were exporting their breads, crackers, cookies and other baked goods to South America, Portugal, and Spain. But the principals at Grupo Bimbo saw the untapped potential of the huge consumer market in their neighbors to the north, the United States (Thain, 2015). A corporate growth trajectory into the U.S. was carefully planned, and with the passage of the North American Free Trade Act in 1994 Bimbo was ready to act. How did this small group of determined people grow a family business into the largest provider

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