Business Coaching Career

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Jaime: What Careers are in Business Coaching?

The careers in business coaching include mentoring, coaching and consulting jobs. For example, an ecommerce consultant will engage and collaborate with clients in the strategic management of functional areas. This will include professional workshops, project-specific guidance, website frameworks and customer relationship building and maintenance. Regardless of the type of business coach, the person must be goal oriented, solution driven and independently versatile.

Business Development Consultant
Business development consultants enjoy hunting for opportunities, networking with clients and building relationships with vendors. These coaches are responsible the acquisition and development of client accounts. They accomplish this through sales, marketing, advertising and business development methods and programs. They may use professional networking, traditional telephones, social networking platforms and promotional events. Business development consultants coach and mentor their clients through established procedures, tenured policies and staffing management tools. They must have experience servicing existing accounts, generating new clients and problem solving …show more content…

They may teach attendees how to develop business plans, execute talent strategies, manage difficult staff, implement marketing strategies, attract high-performing employees and integrate departments together. They may teach secrets and shortcuts for institutional priorities, corporate policies, strategic alignment, senior leadership, capital management and contingency initiatives. Business coaches may also be entrepreneurs who work from home by providing guidance and facilitation to business owners and their supervisors. They may train people in conflict resolution, procedure enforcement, performance management and employee relations

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