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Business Concept: NaturalnFreshBev LLC is a Sacramento, California based non-alcoholic beverage startup, founded by Rajib Datta along with Melinda Cates in 2016 with a business opportunity to serve high quality and healthy non-alcoholic beverages with local origin to the consumer as well as engage the brand with the customers of new generation by providing health conscious choices. The growing heath and obesity concern with high sugar contained carbonated soda drinks, the shift in generation cycle and the consumer preference are the key driver behind the rising demand of the low calorie non-alcoholic beverages in the market place. With the fast growing popularity of the non-alcoholic beverages made with natural and organic products, our business vision is to establish ourselves as a leader in this niche market with honest, high quality and moderately priced products and to create a long term bonding with the consumers and the community while promoting health consciousness in the society. Compared to the sugar rich carbonated soda based drink that dominates $70 billion market, our locally sourced fruit based anti-oxidant rich brand “TAZZA” and flavored water “CASCADAS” are prepared with barely low percentage of pure cane sugar with the potential to tap the large market of health conscious beverage drinkers which is estimated to grow up to $35 billion by 2020 and are targeted to the emerging health conscious audience globally.
Our flagship product “TAZZA” and “CASCADAS” is a…

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