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Annotated Bibliography
Marvin Wilcox
Liberty University

Biong, H., Nygaard, A., & Silkoset, R. (2010). The influence of retail management’s use of social power on corporate ethical values, employee commitment, and performance. Journal of Business Ethics, 97, 341-363.Retrieved from The authors of this business journal explore the recent activities of today’s retail giants and how their ethical behavior affects their brand, objectives, performance and stakeholders. The authors investigate the origins of certain variables that affect the ethical values of an organization. In addition, a review is performed on how both ethics along with these variables contribute …show more content…

& Radin, T.J. (2012). Ethical decision making: Special or no different? Journal
Of Business Ethics, 107, 313-329. Retrieved from

Theories of ethical decision-making assume it is a process that is special, or different in some regard from typical individual decision-making. Empirical results of the most widely known theories in the field of business ethics contain numerous inconsistencies and contradictions. In an attempt to assess why we continue to lack understanding of how individuals make ethical decisions at work, an inductive study of ethical decision-making was conducted. The results of this preliminary study suggest that ethical decision-making might not be meaningfully special or different from other decision-making processes. The implications of this research are potentially significant in that they challenge the fundamental assumption of existing ethical decision-making research. This research could serve as an impetus for further examination of whether ethical decision-making is meaningfully different from other decision-making processes. Such studies could create new directions for the field of business ethics.

Everett, W.J. (1986). OIKOS: Convergence in business ethics. Journal of Business
Ethics, 5(4), 313-325. Retrieved from

The current focus on corporate culture in managerial theory, on character development in business ethics, and on the work/family relationship in

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