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In comparing and contrasting two articles which analyze and evaluate ethics in business, the impact of corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior by corporation and their managers can be understood by the public perception documented in a survey of Hawaiian residents, as well as the argument of negative value to consumers when self-interest and lack of ethics are part of an organization’s business model. The survey results in Choy’s article demonstrate the impression of a decline in corporate ethical behavior over the past twenty years. Both articles use the environment of competition to discuss the characteristics of ethical and moral behavior in the corporate realm. The recommendation based on the evaluation of information in the two articles is for business organizations to employ ethical and moral practices that include the values of society, and use traditional morality in all business dealings. The value of corporate social responsibility will be acknowledged and appreciated by consumers, and both economic and social gains can be achieved. Ethical and Unethical Behavior in Business
The two articles provided for comparison, “How Consumers Perceive The Ethical Conduct of Businesses And Their Managers” by Derrek Choy, and “Reconciling Traditional Morality and the Morality of Competition”, by Adam D. Bailey, both analyze ethical and unethical behavior in business, and conclude that moral and ethical standards in business actions are not only

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