Business Intelligence Systems And Information Systems

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Data Mining In the last few decades, because of availability of vast amount of data in the electronic forms, and the increase in requirements associated with its conversion into desired information, for its use in analysis of market, business management and to aid in decision process. There are many systems and technologies developed, that helped managers to make better decisions and avoid failures that are commonly associated with relying upon intuitions. Business Intelligence Systems are information systems, that are designed to allow managers to capitalize upon organization data, for the purpose of improving their decision making. They do not support the real time activities but operational ones like order processing, recording etc. The real time activities are supported by transaction processing systems. BI systems helps in managerial assessment, planning and control. BI systems are categorized into reporting applications and data mining applications. The purpose of reporting system is to provide managers, with the ability to look at data at a flexible real time way. They support simple data organization capabilities like sorting, grouping and filtering the data. Data mining applications involve complex mathematical processing and data analysis, which would be discussed in detail. Overview Data mining applications are designed not to rely on real time data, but on archived historical data because they allow mathematically sophisticated technique for analyzing data from
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