Business Law : Letter Of Termination In Public Law

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and written implied employment contact and violated public policy by placing the Plaintiff on an administrative leave and terminated access to the workplace on April 18, 2017. Formal notice was not given to the Plaintiff until restraining order was served on April 26, 2017, and then again a letter of termination on June 21, 2017. SEE EXHIBIT “4” – RESTRAINING ORDER PAPER. SEE EXHIBIT “5” Letter Return Equipment / Letter of Termination. This was not at the Plaintiff's will and was in retaliation for his anonymous confidential letter of complaint and reports regarding events and practices that created unsafe working conditions, harassment, and discrimination under immediate supervision of department manager, Anthony Lamonea, Senior…show more content…
The intermediate supervisor acknowledged verbally to the Plaintiff, and Lamonea said, “What about that letter?” However, Plaintiff learned by the actions of retaliation by Charter Communications, the retaliation against the Plaintiff occurred on the same day that the anonymous confidential letter of complaint was filed on February 26, 2016, which the Plaintiff's company vehicle privileges were suspended by his supervisor. SEE EXHIBIT “10” Supervisor Takes Away Company Vehicle Email. In a formal email, Charter Communications made a decision on March 1, 2016, to officially suspend the Plaintiff's company vehicle privileges. SEE EXHIBIT “7” Email of Company Vehicle Officially Suspended by Company. Also, on March 3, 2016, the Plaintiff was verbally told by Lamonea, he was not permitted to carpool with his coworker anymore, James Boudreaux, Cablecaster, a Caucasian male. James continued to be permitted to drive the company vehicle past April 15, 2016. SEE EXHIBIT “11” Can & Cannot Carpooling Emails. 12. Charter Communications, and each of them, and their agents and employees, engaged in a continuous course of harassment, intimidation, hostility, and retaliation against Plaintiff because of his anonymous confidential letter of complaint, continued
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