Business Logistics And Logistics Of Ups

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Business logistics

The firm that would be assessed throughout this paper when referring to the topic of business logistics is UPS. It is a well-known courier service which operates in almost every nation in the world. UPS is known for its quality services such as speedy delivery, best maintenance of cargo, and the providence of a wide variety of tools that helps the customers in various different prospects, such as tracking order. This paper would specifically emphasize upon the operations management and logistics of UPS alongside performing a SWOT analysis of the firm. Finally, some suggestions will be provided which may help the firm in performing better overall business logistics and operations management.
1- Critically evaluate the existing process flows in the operations management and logistics with reference to a literature review on logistics theories.
Let’s first have a look at the notion of logistics and then relate it with the operations management of a courier service such as UPS. Logistics is the deemed as the actionable process of transporting and temporarily storing different supplies. The category to which a company can efficiently and effectively do these mentioned duties can differentiate its overall place in itsrelative industry. These mentioned tasks related to transfer procedures are often a subset of the greatersystem of supply-chain-management.This system tends to track items and information among various categories of
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