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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan
Norma Murillo
Dax Chell
April 23, 2015 Business Model and Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan The new Walt-Mart division’s vision and mission “make everything a customer wants to buy universally available, accessible, and socially active” is possible with a proper strategic plan.
With a balanced scorecard and an adequate communication plan, the proposed strategies will result in successful implementation.
Finance Objectives
This company’s greatest asset is cash flow. Walt-Mart recently reported having $16.39 billion as of Jan 31, 2015 total free cash flow (, 2015). This can be a great …show more content…

Table 1. Financial Strategic Objectives provide a layout of this information. Table 1. Financial Strategic Objectives
Financial Success
Objectives Measures Target Initiatives
Increase market share Market Share Searches Acquire 10% of the market share Monitor searches and record market share growth for 1 quarter to determine progress.
Increase Profitability Revenues Acquire 5% per section (search and online market) Monitor revenues for 1 quarter to determine growth.
Maintain Competitive Position Growth Ratios Maintain 5% growth ratio Monitor growth ratio after initiating the new division for 1 quarter.

Customer Objectives It is crucial to the vitality of the new division for the Walmart brand be viewed as what the customer expects. Customers are the company and the objectives match their importance. Evaluating market share offers insight to the position of the company. Increase in segment sales such as apparel, home, hardliners, health & wellness, entertainments, and groceries after the new division implementation is a result of success in market share (Soni, 2015). Evaluating customer feedback using the research company Customer Service Scoreboard provides a way to measure the promised vision, mission, and appreciation (, 2015). Lastly, customer acceptance assures trust in product offered as valued. Monitoring new sales percentage provides a visual to that trust. Table 2. Customer Success Objectives

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