Essay about Business Model and Strategic Plan Part 1

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I

April 28, 2015

Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I
Anheuser-Busch InBev is the name of the leading global brewer. The company has a “portfolio of more than 200 beer brands, including three global flagship beers: Budweiser, Stella Artois and Beck’s” (“Anheuser-Busch”, 2015). Budweiser is an American style lager and was introduced in 1876 by Adolphus Busch. Adolphus Busch wanted to create the United States first national beer brand. Budweiser became universally popular and has exceeded regional tastes. Budweiser is known as the “King of Beer”. Budweiser is brewed using a “blend of imported and classic American aroma and bittering hops, and a mixture of barley malts and rice,
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Budweiser is focused on their customers and their needs. The product line Budweiser is introducing is a beer that contains vitamins. This beer will be the first of its kind and will amaze consumers by the smooth refreshing taste. This product line will be the start of a new generation of beer to come. Adding vitamins to the beer people drink will be a healthy way to enjoy yourself and relax after a hard days work. The new line of beer will provide the nutrients for people while they enjoy themselves. Budweiser wanted to come up with a line of beer that focused itself on the customer and their health. The way Budweiser will differentiate themselves will be by incorporating strong and lasting values into their business model for customers and the company. The mission for Budweiser is: Staying healthy is the way of the world today, helping people stay healthy, happy and enjoying life.
Customers Needs & Competitive Advantage
Budweiser has the ability to come up with new products with better quality and functionality. Strategic management is essential for businesses today. Pearce explains that strategic management is the management processes that produce long range planning with an emphasis on forecasting, formulating, and implementing plans (2013). Innovation should focus on improvements in existing processes, and find ways to reduce costs. Change is about survival. “Change is especially necessary in organizations that wish to prosper in a
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