Business Organization And Management : Bristol Myers Squibb

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BMS Company Profile Report
The Environment of Business

Business Organization and Management
Unit One Project: The Environment of Business
Mrs. Hunte
Block 1B

Report By Jacob Storm Fischman

Company Overview

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), is a Biopharmaceutical company of outstanding reputation. Despite their competitive market, BMS has continued to present itself as a constituent member among the top Pharma companies, a status that no doubt heralds from their 150 plus years of experience in the industry. It’s first contribution to medicine dates all the way back to 1858 before the company even existed, when Naval Doctor Edward Squibb noticed that the quality of one batch of a particular medicine varied greatly in composition from another comparable batch. After proving that his findings were consistent he decided to shift his efforts to creating medicine of higher quality, with less variation from one set to another. After two years of laborious work in his own lab, he released a kit of fifty plus types of medicine which he called The Squibb Pannier. Squibb marketed this drugstore of a first aid kit to the Union Army, stating that it had everything that one could need to treat any casualty. However, this is only one half of the history behind the BMS Empire. Nearly twenty years later, two men, William Bristol, and John Myers bought out the dieing Clinton Pharmaceutical Company. After nearly one hundred years of building from the ground up, the two…
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