Business Plan on Line Fashion Sales

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Business Plan On Line Fashion Sales Name Class Date Instructor Executive Summary This business plan concerns the operation of an online fashion accessories trading company that will offer high end, luxury items. This business is intended to take advantage of the enormous growth opportunities in the U.S. fashion accessories sector which was valued at $30.29 billion as of 2007 ( 2010). To penetrate the market, the company intends to operate a lean, but nimble management structure to handle the key operational areas of marketing, technical/website administration, and inventory management and delivery scheduling. Furthermore, the organization will employ the best people with ample experience and competence in the…show more content…
The younger “aspirational” customers are also conscious about their image and reputation among their friends and peers and hence, would tend to be competitive in terms of their fashion sense and styles. Products The proposed online fashion accessories venture will position itself as a high value, superior deliverer of high quality, hard to find fashion accessories. This market positioning strategy fits right into the target market customers who wish to partake of high quality, luxury fashion products but at value prices. Specifically, this venture will appeal to the independent female who wants to develop her own high fashion identity. The brand will provide an array of fashion accessory products such as mid to high end hand bags, purses, belts, shawls, scarves, ties, handkerchiefs, suspenders, caps, hats, fashion eyewear, and fashion jewelry (e.g. watches, rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, pendants, etc.). The venture will carry a variety of well-known and established fashion brands and labels, as well emerging or up-and-coming brands not yet found in mainstream fashion. The proposed fashion accessories venture will embody the best features of the aforementioned retail websites namely practice of selling only top quality products, numerous product offerings, and well-designed website. However, what will differentiate the new venture from the existing
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