Business Practices And Modern Development

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Is a multinational corporation doing business in a developing country obligated to pay its employees (contracted or subcontracted) a living wage? Today we live in a globalized society; in the recent times world has became a single magnificent globalized village but blinded by all the success we sometimes ignore the cost of turning into a global society. Powerful multinationals have played a huge part in globalizing us and much of the development in recent history can be attributed to these huge companies. Despite colossal success of multinationals we can no longer neglect or turn our faces away from some of the adverse by products of these business practices and modern development. One of the very shameful by product of globalization is…show more content…
When this concept is combined with liability model it ensures that more powerful agents get allocated more responsibility compared to their smaller affiliates. Political responsibility model concentrates on corrective measures that can be taken and who can play the biggest part in abolishment of the injustice that is core of sweatshops. To support these claims this paper would also use foundations of social responsibility laid by O’Neil and works of Arnold. This essay would also use Maitland’s paper to castigate Young’s point of view and existence of sweatshop and the conclusion of this paper would be by supporting the political model and trying to prove it’s the best remedy of the situation because sweat shops are an abomination to the society and should be controlled or at least improved. The existence of sweatshops can be attributed to many theories some theorist give economic explanations other argue about human rights and morality of the businesses. All the theories regarding the subject matter cannot be discussed as there are too many point of views and it is hard to find a robust solution to the problem but political model come closest. Rather than handing all the responsibility to a single agent it distributes the responsibility to everybody according to there size and influence. Political responsibility theory makes sure that everybody involved in the global supply chain and business arena shares some form of responsibility and can influence
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