Business Process Integration with Sap R/3

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{draw:frame} Business process Management with SAP R/3 Index 1. Executive summary 2. ERP Introduction 2.1. Evaluation of ERP 2.2. Vendors of ERP 2.3 Advantages and disadvantages of ERP 3. Legacy Systems 3.1. Advantages 3.2. Disadvantages *3.3 Procurement of E*RP instead using legacy systems 4. * Nature of *SAP R/3 4.1. Advantages of SAP R/3 4.2. Disadvantages of SAP R/3 5. Business process integration in the procurement cycle of SAP ERP 5.1. Procurement life cycle 6. References 1. Executive summary: ERP introduction: 2.1. Evolution of enterprise resource planning (ERP) (E.M.Shebab et al, 2004): Stand in the market mrp was expanded with costing and marketing and named this as MRPII. The main purpose of…show more content…
Data is automatically updated and reflected in remaining modules. SAP R/3 is a single and virtual file structure. Updating of files is done quickly. *4.2. Disadvantages*: Beneficial for large companies only. Long implementation process. Project tracking and reporting deficiencies. User-friendliness to the rarely user. Accounting rules are difficult to understand. 5. Business process integration in the procurement cycle of SAP ERP: Steps involved in procurement: Determination of requirement: This is the most crucial step to analyse what exactly company has to procure. Depending upon the target company has to calculate or estimate the total quantity that is needed and at what time it should reach the company. This can be estimated automatically by using so called ERP package. Source of supply: After determining the requirement, we have to find the supplier who is capable of supplying the required raw material. After finding the supplier we need to request for quotation (RFQ) in the SAP and send to the potential vendors. The quotations that are sending by vendors are entered in SAP through RFQ’s reference. Vendor selection: Every company have the standards, based on the standards companies expect the same standards in the vendors. We need to check the price, quantity and delivery time required to supply the raw material. From all the tenders company selects the
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