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SAP was founded in 1972 and today they are recognized as the world's largest inter-enterprise software company. Their products cater to various sectors of industry and every dynamic market. Their diverse software products have placed them as the third largest independent software supplier and their continuing excellence makes them a premier software company. The superb technological advances they have achieved in software have allowed SAP to maintain a high regard of respect from other major corporations in their industry. By implementing user-friendly software programs they have crafted a service and development resource that has allowed these major corporations to create an efficient supply chain and increase customer relations in …show more content…

The basis for the structure divides the management and supervisory facets of the company into two separate divisions, he Executive and the Supervisory Boards. There is also a general shareholders organization that has been created as per the German Stock Corporation Act. The Executive Board members are appointed by the Supervisory Board and are allowed to remain on the board for a maximum of five years. They serve as the governing body of the SAP Corporation and are subject to the stock corporation laws. The mission of the Executive Board is to provide detailed reports on all business issues, strategy, and risk to the Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is also tasked with creating an Extended Management Board that serves as resident advisors for each of the major business areas in the company. The members of the Extended Management Board also attend the Executive Board meetings.

The amount of members in the Supervisory Board is dependent on the size of the company. They are required to provide needed information to the Executive Board and monitor their progress.

More than twelve million users operate each day using SAP solutions. SAP embodies 69,700 installations throughout the world and is affiliated with 1,500 partners. Some of the partners affiliated with SAP include Accenture, Siemens Business Services, IBM, DELL, Novell, Hewlett-Packard, and UNISYS. The professionals employed at SAP are steadfast at providing a customer support and

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