Business Simulation And Data And Information Retrieval

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My degree in Mathematics and Statistics has helped give me an idea of how data is important and vital to businesses. During my course I have completed modules such as operational research, business simulation and data and information retrieval. These modules have given a great understanding of the importance of data within business and has inspired me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Business Intelligence. One programming language that I have studied is SQL. It was interesting to learn about SQL and how it works. I learnt how to retrieve data from a database and how to perform other tasks such as updating data and selecting the data I wanted. This helped me to understand a lot about SQL and how databases worked. The modules I have completed have giving me an insight into data analytics and have made me want to work in this field. The Business simulation module helped me appreciate the value that data can give us. In this module I did an assignment which required me to build a simulation model. I was given information about a clinic which had a queuing problem. I had to build a simulation model which replicated the clinic and then, using the data given in the brief, had to add timings to the queues at reception and the different waiting rooms in the clinic. I used the Simul8 software to build this model. I had to then run the model and identify the bottleneck in the system. Once the bottleneck was identified, I had to build an alternative model and then run
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