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Business skills
Business skills are skills which are needed by candidates for a business to recruit them. I have some business skills and they are communication skills, confidence, leadership, I am organised and I can prioritise tasks appropriately. I have extensive experience in delivering presentations to large groups. This has enhanced my skills such as confidence, clarity and self belief. One of the presentations that I delivered included designing a new product for coca cola. The goal was to provide a drink that was healthy as well as attractive to customers. This task provided me with the opportunity to gain new skills such as research and teamwork. Further to this, I was also able to recognise a few weaknesses that I was able to improve through teamwork and effective communication such as differences of opinion and disagreements.
I am very well organised as I always arrive to school on time, with the required books and equipment. This shows my punctuality and my desire to progress. My school attendance is 100% as I have not missed a single day of school. I also have a lot of leadership skills because I have been appointed to be group leader in many situations. For example, when I had to create a podcast for cyber bullying with my team, I had to show leadership and organise my team by setting them different tasks and giving them deadlines according to each individuals skill set. This shows that I can be responsible and cope under pressure.


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