Business Strategy

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Name_________________________________ Northeastern University MGT 4750 Winter2011 Test 2 A. Multiple choice (Each correct answer is worth 2 points.) First read what the question is asking . . .then mark the single best answer for each. 1. While there are many routes to sustainable competitive advantage, they all involve A) building a brand name image that buyers trust. B) delivering superior value to buyers and building competencies and resource strengths in performing value chain activities that rivals cannot readily match. C) achieving lower costs than rivals and becoming the industry’s sales and market share leader. D) finding effective and efficient ways to strengthen the…show more content…
D) determine which one has the biggest market share and is growing the fastest. E) rank each business unit’s strategy from best to worst. 7. Which one of the following generic types of competitive strategy is typically the best strategy for a company to employ? A) A low-cost leadership strategy B) A broad differentiation strategy C) A best-cost provider strategy D) A focused low-cost provider strategy E) There is no such thing as a “best” competitive strategy; a company’s “best” strategy is always one that is customized to fit both industry and competitive conditions and the company’s own resources and competitive capabilities. 8. The chief purpose of calculating quantitative industry attractiveness scores for each industry a company has diversified into is to A) determine which industry is the biggest and fastest growing. B) get in position to rank the industries from most competitive to least competitive. C) provide a basis for drawing analysis-based conclusions about the attractiveness of the industries a company has diversified into, both individually and as a group, and further to provide an indication of which industries offer the best and worst long-term prospects. D) ascertain which industries have the easiest-to-achieve key success
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