Buying the War and Bush's War Essay

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The videos about “Buying the War and Bush’s War,” show the American people the cruel reality about the war in Iraq. They display many of the atrocities committed within the war, were many Americans and Iraqis died. This was the time when the country of the United States was under George Bush’s administration (2001-2008). All was initiated after the attack to the World Trade Center, on 9/11, which was one of the biggest terrorist attacks that anyone could ever live. Many people that witnessed what happened or heard the news still remember the tragedy. On that day the U.S. Citizens became angry, anxious, and scared about their safety. In respond to this, the U.S. President, George W. Bush, decided to retaliate against terrorists and …show more content…

McNamara’s lesson seven belief and seeing are often wrong, that can be applied to the information of “Buying the War,” there was not enough evidence to demonstrate the culpability of Saddam Hussain in relation with the terrorist attacks of 9/11, or that in reality he had or was building weapons of mass destruction. According to Bush and his delegates, they had a source who confirmed that Saddam had in his power aluminum tubes, which were need it to build centrifuge needed to build nuclear weapons. They began to manipulate information through the newspapers and T.V. news to make everyone believed that it was a fact that Saddam was link to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and that in fact he had weapons of mass destruction. Also The New York Times was the first newspaper informing to the public about this evidence and a day after Cheney used the same information to convince the people that in fact this fact and Saddam need to be stop. They went to war without following all the protocols of inspections in order to corroborate their speculations. We all believe it, until the damage was done.
McNamara Lesson eight: Be prepared to reexamine your reasoning. “What make sense omissions? Have we have a record of omissions, we are the stronger ace in the world.” In these statements, he talks about how The President and all the people who was closed to the president influence him on his decision to go to war.

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