Buzz Lightyear

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What did Woody say to Buzz Lightyear? A lot. There were three movies! Toy Story being Pixar’s first feature film in 1995, was nominated for awards by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. In 1979 Pixar Animation Studios was founded as Graphics Group. It was originally the computer division of Lucasfilm, and became its own corporation in 1986 with funding from Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. People tend to think of creativity as a mysterious solo act, and they typically reduce products to a single idea. Creativity must be present at every level of an organization. In filmmaking and other kinds of complex product development, creativity involves a large number of people from different limitations working effectively together to solve …show more content…

The first six films that have been made since they have been there has been huge successes. The one thing they were really adamant about was that the two studios not be integrated together. “We established an absolute rule, which we still adhere to, that neither studio can do any production work for the other. For me, the local ownership is really important.” Hardware and software are always changing, that means it will become easy for smaller groups of people to get together to try something and when that happens it will give certain people opportunities to be creative in out of the blue ways. Ed Catmull doesn’t believe in the notion of a perfect process. Their goal isn’t to prevent all the problems; their goal is making good movies. They took the opposite approach than most company mergers. They told each studio ‘“You may look at the tools that the other has, you may use them if you want, but the choice is entirely yours.” They each have a development group that’s coming up with different ideas, but because we said, “You don’t have to take ideas from anybody else,” they felt freer to talk with each other.’ Talent is rare, a belief both Pixar and Disney share. Catmull believes that management’s job is “not to prevent risk but to build the capability to recover when failures occur. It must be safe to tell the truth”. “What’s the key to being able to recover? Talented people! …show more content…

Before the merging, Disney had a leader that was ineffective and it showed in the work they produced. I believe Catmull and Lasseter follow the House’s Path-Goal theory of leadership. The basis of path-goal is that effective leaders motivate subordinates to achieve goals by 1: Clearly identifying the outcomes that subordinates are trying to obtain from the workplace. In the Disney-Pixar aspect, the main goal of everyone is to come up with new innovated film ideas that have never been done before. Always trying to push the envelope. This in an interesting job assignment, very challenging this day and age because everything is just getting bigger and bigger. 2: Rewarding subordinates with these outcomes for high performance and the attainment of work goals. I would think there would be compensation for producing a box office hit. There is a shared interest in everyone’s success. They really are a team, the success of a movie counts on each and every person involved. And 3: Clarifying for subordinates the paths leading to the attainment of work goals. To remove any obstacles, the company created an environment where they remove the power structure. “Everyone’s notes are equal.” Everyone is encouraged to share ideas freely and honest feedback is given. This allows employees to

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