C Ray Jeffery Biological Theory

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The standard social science model is the belief that everyone is born as a blank slate and learn everything through socialization. I always think of this as learned behaviors. The reading in this unit also discusses how C. Ray Jeffery came up with his idea of controlling and even preventing crime. This idea included providing care for women and their infant child both prior to and after birth of the child. The hypothesis behind this is to catch any developmental conditions that may result in aggression or crime as they grow older. Jeffery also proposed that children continue to be checked out early in life and as they grow older in the early part of their lives. This would involve neurological exams such as CAT, PET, and MRI scans. He also made the suggestion that tests be performed on inmates that were currently incarcerated in order to assess if there are any biological triggers that may have caused their behaviors that got them locked up. (Schmalleger, 2012) This unit’s reading defines biological theory as “[a] theory that maintains that the basic determinants of human behavior, including criminality, are constitutionally or physiologically based and often inherited. Biological theories of crime causation make certain fundamental assumptions: The brain is the organ of the mind and the locus of personality. In the words of C. Ray Jeffery, ‘The brain is the organ of behavior; no theory of behavior can ignore neurology and neurochemistry.’ Basic determinants of human

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