CG's Success in Sustaining Its Product Identity

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Problem Statement: How does a great company, with generational success and a willingness to sustain its product identity and quality move into a competitive market when it has begun to reach its maximum production capabilities? How does it do this in a strategic deployment when doing so would require it to additionally bother other established market successes, some of which have helped it create its identity across the globe and in other Asian markets? And, of course, in light of the globalization of retail opportunities everywhere, how does such a company deal with the prospects of continued "grey market" erosion of its identify? Situational Analysis: Canada Goose (CG) is exceptionally qualified to enter and compete in the South Korean (SK) market for a number of reasons. It has established itself as a stable and growing business success, and has attached very high levels of credibility, faith and stability in its product line. Customers of all kinds have attached an image of purpose or functionality to CG's goods (an image tied to the respected nation of Canada) and many have shown little interest in deserting the company even as it grows through its globalization and stylistic pains. Moving into the SK markets presents itself as critical juncture point for any company that has attained a place in the global apparel markets. First, it will allow for companies in this position to ready themselves for entry into other Asian markets where product visibility by

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