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REPORT ON WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY Technological Innovation Research Topic Manpreet Kaur Student ID: U1059388 Subject Code: CIS8000 4/23/2014 April 23, 2014 Automated Clocking Of Employee Attendance EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – 255 WORDS Every organisation has a need to reliably track attendance to ensure orderliness and control. Having accurate and easy to access attendance data provides greater insight into employee productivity and reduces the time involved in payroll processing and crediting. Automating the tracking process keeps the employees responsible for their own performance, eliminates estimation of times and errors and assures that everyone is compensated as accurately as possible. This report is a compilation for the organisation that …show more content…

Today’s limitations of the technology are foreseen to be overcome and specialists are already working on several of these issues. One of the common concerns of companies implementing wearable technology today is the rapid obsolescence of the technology, especially in view of the investment cost. Technology is continuously evolving and new protocol standards, faster and more fault-tolerant readers quickly outdate their predecessors. These also had some serious privacy concerns related to their use. In particular, wearable identification band can be used not only to open doors, but they can also be used to monitor employee movements. 1.2 ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES OF WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY (301 WORDS) ADVANTAGES: (154 WORDS) A time and attendance tracking system provides the cost saving benefits of: Accuracy - Eliminate inaccuracies of timesheets and falsified time logs with automated data capture. Keeps track of employee’s time and attendance with different payroll schemes from full-time, part-time, exempt, non-exempt, or any employee pay situation needed. Simplicity - It setups up and records all pertinent information, rules and pay rates for overtime, meal breaks, and

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