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Prison Gangs Jeremy Lemaster Kaplan University CJ130-03: Introduction to Corrections November 3, 2013 Terry Campbell Introduction Some people say that prisons are nothing more then a microcosm of society today, which unfortunately includes gangs. Much like their counterparts on the street prison gangs are known to be extremely violent, dangerous organizations that can severely threaten the security of the institution. Because of this fact it is important for these correctional institutions to not only understand what gangs are present within their institution, how these gangs operate and recruit, but also what types of activities the gang is engaged in both on the street and within the institution. This…show more content…
The Black Guerilla Family It seems only fitting after exploring the violent exploits of the Aryan Brotherhood, that the next gang to be evaluated is that of the Black Guerilla Family (a sworn enemy of the Aryan Brotherhood). A man named George Jackson initially founded this dangerous gang in 1966 while in the California prison system (Streetgang#1, 2009). It was initially comprised of members from some other gangs that were present during that time (Streetgang#1, 2009). This gangs is profiled to be the most politically oriented of all of the major prison gangs within the United States and at its core are said to be Marxist, Leninist and Maoist beliefs (gangs#1, 2011). One of the gang’s main goals, which conform to these beliefs, is their wish to overthrow the United States government, while eliminating racism in the process (gangs#1, 2011). When it comes to geographic coverage of the Black Guerilla Family, they are most prevalent on both the East and West coasts of the United States, with smaller groups scattered throughout the rest of the country (gangs#1, 2011). Throughout the 1990s the gang’s membership numbers and recruitment began to dwindle, however as of recent years has began to rapidly increase yet again (Streetgang#1, 2009). This recent rapid growth has been attributed to the fact that the gang has aligned themselves with a number of other large gangs. These gangs are known to include the

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