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To: Paul and Sam Livoria From: Dev Das, CMA Subject: Business Case Analysis on Livoria Sandwiches Date: September 30, 2013 Introduction Livoria Sandwiches Inc. provides exceptional quality sandwiches at a great price. Livoria has been able to maintain profitability since inception and has continued to grow its business and revenues. Recent unforeseen external events have caused significant cash flow issues and shook the family business. Livoria is hoping to see annual net income of $1.1 million by 2015. This report will provide alternatives and the pros and cons of initiating these alternatives. A recommendation of one of the alternatives as well as an implementation plan will be provided to assist in obtaining the goal,…show more content…
Reason is, the current demand forecast could be different with price increase. The risk is too high and doesn’t create growth. Recommendation The best option for Livoria at this time is to expand its menu into the vegetarian options. Not only is this the best way to prepare for the future but it will also meet all of the preferences of the stakeholders while aligning with the corporate objectives, mission and vision of the company. The $1.1 million goal will also be met by the end of 2013. No constraints will be broken. Implementation In order for Livoria to be successful in implementing the menu expansion, it must first contact its suppliers and ensure they can meet the change and increase in veggie demand. Next training and logistics must be arranged in house to adapt to the change in menu options. Quality must be maintained and no short cuts can be made. With the financial analysis provided in Exhibit 4

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