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Café Bijoux

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Q 1) What is the current positioning strategy? Is it working? Why or why not?
Positioning strategy helps a company in creating its identity and its products/service it provides (Anderson, 2011). Café Bijoux offers a relatively low price for a cup of soup and a sandwich, while offering healthy and tasty meals to their targeted market (primarily workers at the City Hall). To keep the cost low, the management did not printed a menu instead it was written on a chalkboard and was updated daily. In addition, the condiments were handed out to the customers as they picked up their orders. Business operations were from 10 am till 3 pm, mainly attracting customers from local surrounding business for lunch, …show more content…

Nevertheless, the majority of customers are very satisfied with the amount of serving along with the quality of their meal as well as the price paid. The strategy of being a low priced high value added has seen problems due to lack of customers which is affecting the bottom line drastically. This inevitable circumstance has put a hold on operations and started an investigation upon various neighboring competitors and their own strategies. Overall, the strategy is effective but not effectively used, which considers areas of error that include, a visible colorful sign, extended hours of operations, increased advertising, a stable menu, a catering opportunity, and a real café look which can distinguish itself from the rest of its competitors.

Q 2) What are the key reasons for the depressing sales and profits?
Some of the key reasons for the dismal profits are primarily due to lack of control, and inexperience from both Julie and Mary, the co-owners and managers of Café Bijoux. The reasoning behind this claim is that a business that is not seen profitable is usually not. In addition, a real restaurant sign is not up and visible. A sign is a major gateway to success in a busy congested market which sees more than eleven businesses surrounding a one km radius. However, Julie and Mary have been awaiting the funds to put up a sign, which has seen negative results due to lack of

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