Short Summary On Artificial Intelligence

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Muad Atwain Baker College 03/16/2017 Final Project (Artificial Intelligence) Artificial Intelligence Many people in this world have heard about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) but they never knew how it was developed and how is t growing. AI has been planned for years and is still one of the most mysterious subjects in Computer Science. In this essay I will be taking you into more of a short summary of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most important things that was invented and without it we would not have gotten to where we are in technology. This partly due to how large and imprecise the subject is. Artificial Intelligence ranges from machines truly capable of thinking to search algorithms …show more content…

In a book I found that talks about this by the author Herbert said “Today we hear a great arrangement about approaching new computer architectures, called supercomputers and parallel computers. Although it is always wonderful to have greater and quicker technologies, I do not think these developments are critical for the conceptual development of Artificial Intelligence, except possibly in the domain of visual and auditory pattern recognition. Nor do we have to wait for new programming languages to advance Artificial Intelligence. The principal programming tools have been available for a long time: list processing languages from the beginnings of Artificial Intelligence, and so-called production systems for the past decade or more. One other impediment to the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence should be mentioned: skepticism. People, including some members of the computer science community, have often been extremely skeptical that computers could exhibit anything that could reasonably be called intelligence or could compete with humans in the quality of their performance of professional-level tasks.” (Simon, 1985). So that means only existing demos with running and debugged computer programs has been able, to increase ground against that doubt. He also said “The boundary is redrawn each year as computers demonstrate their competence in new domains, but the skeptics simply retreat to

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