CSUSB Graduate Counselor Report

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This email serves to recap the alarming telephone conversations concerning CSUSB Graduate Counselors, Jayne Archibald and Desiree Jaramillo, who are currently co-facliating a small group at Serrano Middle School. On Friday, February, 26th, Ms. Summers, Program Specialist at Serrano Middle School, called me at approximately to reveal some disturbing information that was disclosed to her in conversations with Jayne and Desiree. Incidents pertaining to another CSUSB Graduate Counselor during the fall quarter, Ms. Summers stated that Jayne and Desiree have been disclosing information all quarter pertaining to the incidents involving another CSUSB Graduate Counselor during the fall quarter. The most recent conversation on Friday, February 26th …show more content…

Winslade, even said, 'It's fine to have problems in group. It's never going to be perfect, but you work through it. It's about the process" "Let me just preface this by saying, this is the WIFE of the same professor you had to deal with last quarter" Ms. Summers expressed her confusion and concern with comments about the previous students and the previous professor. First, Ms. Summers shared with Jayne and Desiree how Dr. Beckenbach was very professional and pleasant to work with last quarter, so she didn't quite understand the comment, "this is the WIFE of the same professor you had to deal with last quarter." Second, Ms. Summers also shared how she enjoyed working with Kayla and David, so she is surprised to hear about their perception. Lastly, she expressed disappointed that Lyndsay is so upset though the site was fairly lenient in how they responded to the numerous

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