Caffeine Addiction

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Caffeine consumption is on the rise amongst adolescents in America. The effects of caffeine addiction can leave some people with long-term health problems. America has seen a significant increase in coffee and soda consumption amongst college-aged students in the past couple of decades. Caffeine helps increase awareness and boosts energy. Caffeine addiction comes in many different forms but it most prominently affects people who suffer from caffeine withdraws who commonly experience headaches and fatigue. Caffeine can even have an extreme impact on not only physical well-being, but psychological well-being as well. Caffeine addiction can lead to sleeping disorders, anxiety disorders, and in some cases, a type of caffeine intoxication. Some argue that caffeine addiction is one of the least harmful addictions, and they excuse their dependency by considering that there are worse things in the world that they could become addicted to. However, people who fail to acknowledge that they have an addiction, may not be prepared to experience its lasting effects on their health. Often, people who are dependent upon caffeine do not recognize if they have a bigger health concern, they blame any fatigue or illness on either lack of caffeine, or too much caffeine. Caffeine only takes somewhere around half an hour to start having its effects on the body and brain. After these effects are processed by the body, it builds up a certain amount of tolerance which causes people to crave more
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