Caffeine College Students

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While in college, students are often faced with large amounts of work, an immense amount of study commitments and the general pressure to perform well academically. As many students who are currently or have completed college know, maintaining a high level of quality through all of this work can be a very energy-taxing endeavor. This has led many college-aged students to turn to caffeine, as a supplement to their lives (Malinauskas et al. 2007). Common reasons that have been found to drive caffeine usage has been to help deal with low amounts of sleep, or to improve on one’s energy and alertness (Institute of Medicine, 2001; Malinauskas et al. 2007; Kilpeläinen et al. 2010). In previous research, a number of studies have demonstrated people who have been given a caffeinated beverage have performed better on memory tasks compared to a people given non caffeinated drinks (Capek & Guenther, 2009; Paulus et al. 2015; Sherman et al. 2016), while a few other studies have found a causal link to improved cognitive ability after the use of …show more content…

People flock over the popularity of common drinks such as coffee and use it as a social tool to meet with acquaintances and family. Most people love coffee, but the real draw to the drink is the caffeine. According to a recent study, caffeine can be considered a “brain booster” (Raloff, 2011), which would explain why people use it in social settings; due to caffeine’s stimulating effect on a person's brain. Though not limited to its use in social settings, as stated, many use caffeine in more academic settings. If caffeine improves your mental performance on a social level, there is also the potential it may improve academic performance as well. One way caffeine could improve your performance is to drink coffee in the morning. Drinking coffee in the morning can improve your memory and memory capacity for the rest of the day (Ryan et al.

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