Informative Speech On Caffeine

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III. Attention Getter
Many of us find ourselves drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, an ice-cold soft drink, a hot cup of tea, or an energy drink whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or in the night but one thing is that they all share a common ingredient: Caffeine

IV. Preview Statement
Today I will discuss the effects of caffeine and make sure that all of you leave interesting points in caffeine consumption. I will one talk on the beneficial effects of caffeine, two the negative effects, and finally on trends in caffeine consumption

(Transition: First I will talk to you about the beneficial effects of caffeine).

V. Main point 1: Beneficial Effects of Caffeine
A. Caffeine can increase mental alertness while doing educational or work tasks.
B. In addition to alertness and mental performance, caffeine may also improve memory and reasoning in sleep-deprived people.
C. Research by Smith 2001, shows that he found that cognitive performance over the course of a working day was improved more in people who consumed above average amounts of caffeine than those who consumed less than average.
D. Caffeine consumption was associated with fewer cognitive failures. This effect was apparent when non-consumers were compared with consumers which suggest that caffeine withdrawal did not underlie these effects (Smith 2001).
E. According to Gilliam 2008, the effect of caffeine on mood depends on the amount consumed and the individual's dependence and tolerance. For

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