Caffeine Experiment Essay

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Caffeine is one of man’s most successful discoveries dating back to the 13th century. Although its origins are not completely clear, we see the impacts of its use down to the 21st century. From local cafes and restaurants to school and fast food chains, the evidence is relative that coffee is truly everywhere in our society. One of coffees many uses was that it had the ability to make its consumers feel more ready to start the day. However, does caffeine really affect our moods and emotions? The aim of the following investigation is to discover how our emotional state changes when we have had a certain amount of caffeine, compared to when we are caffeine-free. The participants chosen for this experiment were South
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We will record the effects by conducting a stroop test and a reaction time test as well as a mood questionnaire that will survey their individual moods after drinking the caffeine.


Data Above shows the averages based on the mood questionnaire completed by the students.
From the surveys that completed by the students, they were then collected; the averages were calculated and collated into a simple easy to read graph. In the graph, we can tell that the hypothesis was strengthened in that the greater caffeine intake, the greater the arousal of good feelings there is. We can tell this is true because of the averages in the graph. From the graph we could also see that there was a significant decrease in emotions having to do the anger/frustration.
The independent variable in the practical was the intake of coffee taken by each individual student. The dependent variable in the practical was the emotions and moods each student experienced which were then surveyed used a self reported rating scale. The controlled variable in this experiment were the student who chose not to participate in the experiment.
Factors that could have affected the practical were quite large. The data tested was a Qualitative subjective experiment. We know this because The data results that we received were
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