Caffeine Manipulation

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The past research increases validity of the current research by eliminating the possibility of not having enough caffeine manipulation to cause an effect. 32 mg is less than what you would find in a normal cup of coffee, assuring that if any effects were not seen, that it was not due to an insufficient dosage of coffee. However the previous work does not show data on more voluntary cognitive processes that the current experiment tests upon as stated previous. The past study measures reaction times based on auditory and visual techniques, which are instinctive versus a task requiring more thought process. The previous experiment does shed light on valuable data in dosing, that the current experiment will not test.
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The two experiments relate in determining what the caffeine intake is like in the participants in order to interpret the results with better understandability. The current research does not necessarily divide the groups based on caffeine intake, but divides between participant sexes. Both experiments attempt to obtain a baseline by testing in the absence of coffee. The previous experiment shows data that my experiment intends make connections in that habitual coffee drinkers will inherently have better response times than those who do not consume coffee as …show more content…

The form also included the reason for the experiment, to reliably connect caffeine intake with decreased cognitive reaction time by obtaining similar results between the participant sex groups. Internal validity will be shown by using a straightforward manipulation of caffeine intake to improve cognitive reaction time. A self-survey consisted of questions including participant’s sex, age, racial identification, class standing, and number of coffee cups drank per week. A cognitive test was given to participants via a mobile app game on a tablet device. The test includes 24 boxes that the participant must key the boxes from smallest to largest numbers to complete the test. Folgers Gourmet Supreme: Deep and Full Bodied brand coffee was given to coffee conditioned half of participants in a cup with ten ounces of coffee. A measuring cup was used to measure the coffee. No cream or sugar was added to the

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