Caldertone Parks

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1. Princes, Sefton and Calderstone Parks to undergo maintenance and construction: Show how much money is being applied to each of the parks. Show what the money is going towards such as a Vitality Trail in Sefton Park and Nelson Mandela memorial on Princes Park lake island. Interview the new partner managing the parks and ask why they have decided to be involved. Show everything that will be covered by maintenance including cemeteries, lakes and water courses and the sporting facilities. Interview a member of public that uses the sports facilities or someone who uses the park regularly, preferably a parent who uses the playgrounds. Interview one of the managers of the sports facilities. 2. The Mayor announces new fleet of electric waste vehicles …show more content…

Residents can soon report environmental crimes in their area: Show the Cabinets scheme of incentives and how it will affect communities. Show how people can get involved with their councils to report crimes. Interview a resident in an area with a lot of environmental issues caused by other residents. Show what consequences being reported would lead to. 4. More political opportunities for young people: Show the councils plans to help involves younger generations in politics by listing the events to be scheduled such as the return of Question Time events in the town hall. Show the importance of Question Time aimed at younger generations and why it is making a priority return. Interview Ann Coy on her interest in involving young people and her experience with ‘Be The Change’ and show how it helps change media opinion on young people. Also ask when the events will be arriving and what impact young people will have if they get involve. 5. Graffiti and street posting to be cleaned up by the council: Show problem areas and how this has led to the council stepping in. Explain what will be getting cleaned such as posters on walls, bins and lampposts along with graffiti to restore areas to their original states. Interview a resident in a heavily affected area and get their opinion on the

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