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Standard 1 Principles and values Sample questions a. A situation where a young person has a contact visit. Contact visits are important to the young person and their families so to respect their time and confidential information that may be shared we provide a meeting room where it is away from other young people in the house and only the relevant people are present, and it also gives young people and their families and carers quality time. b. c. These situations made me feel confident that confidential information would not be shared and only he relevant people would know. Also made me feel good to see the young people having contact with their families. The young person feels happy to be seeing their families and also…show more content…
Making a positive contribution - development of self-confidence, to ensure understanding of rights and responsibilities, the extent to which young people are consulted about key decisions. Opportunity to develop by including community activities. Also a focus on enabling young people to develop appropriate independent behaviour and to avoid engaging in antisocial behaviour. Achieving economic well-being - arrangements for developing self-confidence, enterprise and teamwork, the provision of good careers advice and training for financial competence, and the accessibility of opportunities for work experience and work-based learning. b. A time when I changed the way I worked was doing education with a young person, reading through questions and explaining and help solve the problems and questions. It made a big difference to me as this helps to build a relationship with the young person, it gave me satisfaction as I could see I was making a positive difference to the young person. The young person feels more confident and is building trust in me. The young person is gaining more knowledge and is not missing out on education. c. Before we are going out on an activity we would discuss with the young people health safety whilst out, we encourage them to point out possible health and safety risks and consequences of not following these instructions. Thinking deeper If a young person wanted to do something I considered risky or dangerous I would inform them of
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