Calendar Year Trend Essay

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Only about fifty to one-hundred kids are going to play at the international level when they get older and the rest of the kids playing youth soccer now, are to play with classmates and to have fun. Changing what age group the kid plays in is stupid because it is only going to help those fifty to one-hundred kids who are going to reach a higher level of soccer. U.S. youth soccer will implement the best practice of calendar year age grouping for player registration beginning 2016-2017 for U.S. youth soccer programs and competitions. They are changing the registration so that it aligns with the start of the calendar year: January to December, instead of August to July as it was previously. The first change will be the nationwide adoption of small-sided games and the second will be a shift from school-year to calendar year for the age grouping teams, as I mentioned previously (changes coming to…show more content…
If the games are competitive and count toward league standings then you cannot play down but you may play up. Any athlete born after August will be moved up in age group and will have to change teams with no choice (Johnson). From a development standpoint, if you are a eighth grader on a team with freshmen in high school, the high school kids aren't allowed to play with their club team during high school season. This also happens with seniors in high school whose former classmates who have moved onto college. How does this help development (Helfand)? From this change happening in the age groups there is also change in teams. This has caused a groundswell of players considering leaving their organization entirely, looking for clubs that might fit better (Frank). Clubs may continue to organize their teams for competition with players of any age younger than the age group cut-off (changes coming to youth soccer in 2016). Many teams need to change or break-up, no matter how well the team is doing or how good the team
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