Call Of Duty is a Parasite in the Gaming Industry

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Call of Duty, also known as “Cod” has, as many know it as, has become one of todays most popular video games. So popular, that Cod has raked in more money than the highest grossing movie in America. However, despite it’s popularity, Cod is killing the gaming industry. Many may be puzzled why a game so popular could possibly be ruining the gaming industry, but it is. Cod is affecting the gaming industry through it’s popularity and influence. First however, One must know the reasons for Call of Duties popularity and how it achieved it’s fame. Call of Duty’s fourth installment “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” was released in 2007 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. At the time, nobody would have expected the game to get very far due to Halo’s reign …show more content…
Eventually, this endeavour became successful, but they were still not top dog on the gaming market because of Halo’s established hierarchy. So here was a multi-platform game rivaling an exclusive Xbox title. However, at this time, Halo remained the King of the Hill. So, through several adoptions taken from already present games, Infinity Ward (the developers of CoD) finally felt a fit to their game, which was applied their installment “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. This game received massive success on release, becoming the second best-selling shooter on the xbox 360, just under Halo 3. Reason for its success was due to it’s multiplayer which consisted largely of player rewards and in-game unlocks to keep the player interested. Because of this success and Activision’s “title-a-year” contract, which involves two developers releasing a CoD every year, CoD quickly became the most popular shooter on the market. So naturally, developers would use some aspects from call of duty and include them in their very own game. Except, instead of taking just a few features, developers found themselves painting over their entire installments with call of duty elements. Almost every developer did this to CoD, creating carbon copies of the already aggrandized game. CoD’s multiplayer has been ripped on so much that most of modern day shooters have no variety. Other developers see the success of CoD and integrate

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