Camarama Mission Statement

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Camarama Vision, Mission, and Strategy
Camarama is owned and operated by Jennifer Hall and Mike Heggerness who took ownership of the company in 2017 when the company was five years old. Camarama, headquartered in Taiwan, manufactures and sells Action Capture cameras and Unmanned Arial View (UAV) Drones in four geographical market regions, Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America. Our vision is to create value for our employees, customers, and shareholders by:
• Offering our customers a quality product at a competitive price.
• Paying competitive wages and creating a positive company culture and work environment for our employees.
• Increasing return on investment and long-term profits for shareholders.
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Many successful companies utilize what is commonly known as best business practices, many of which have clear Biblical origins (Leone, 2015). Principles like dealing fairly when you buying or selling products or services, customer service and treating one another fairly, financial principles, and protecting the earth all have foundations in the Bible. I believe that these were foundational to how we ran our business and reflect what many shareholders require from leaders and managers. “CEOs are not only expected to achieve their financial goals but to earn profits in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Shareholders are looking for corporate leaders to act as good stewards and deliver faithful results” (Leone, 2015). Leone (2015) goes on to state that Companies that consistently follow and implement these practices are achieving superior results. These were some of the core values and principles we used to build our business.
Original strategy
Overcoming the huge learning curve and gaining an understanding of glo-bus and the number of decisions that needed to be made encompassed much of our first year. Our company performed satisfactorily, but we wanted to do better. We were behind our competition in sales and quality of our product was questionable. Wages paid to employees were well below the average of our competitors and we

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