Camelot Caper Short Story

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The “Camelot Caper” written by Elizabeth Peters in 2012, is a nonfiction story about a young American woman who goes to England to meet her grandfather and return an old family heirloom. Jessica soon realizes that returning the ring would be more dangerous and more of an adventure than she ever thought, when she is followed by two men who try to steal the ring. While escaping from the two men that were chasing her, she discovered a new friend and lover in David. David is the next most important character of this story because he is the hero of the story. He gets beaten up multiple times, climbs through miles of rocky and swampy terrain, makes elaborate plans for escape, ideas to capture the pursuers, and he is shot in the shoulder, all because he is in love with Jessica. “His mouth curved up and he gave her a quick hard kiss” (Peters, pg 215). As Jessica and David follow and are followed by the two men, and she finally discovers that one of them is her cousin John and the other is one of his friends named Frank who is helping with one of John’s schemes. John is a smart, young man who used a fake mustache to deceive Jessica and David, so that they would stay away from her grandfather long enough until he died, and he takes Jessica and David through many adventures including chasing, being chased, kidnaping and being shot at. Jessica and David visited various English cities, which included: Salisbury, London, Stonehenge , and finally Cornwall, where her grandfather lived,

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