Repoussé and chasing

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  • Camelot Caper Short Story

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    an old family heirloom. Jessica soon realizes that returning the ring would be more dangerous and more of an adventure than she ever thought, when she is followed by two men who try to steal the ring. While escaping from the two men that were chasing her, she discovered a new friend and lover in David. David is the next most important character of this story because he is the hero of the story. He gets beaten up multiple times, climbs through miles of rocky and swampy terrain, makes elaborate

  • A Short Story : A Story Of A Story

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    One was tall and lean the other was short and muscular. They saw us and we were off again. While we were running I yelled out “We should split up and meet back up where we parked.” They agreed and we went our different ways. The tall officer was chasing me as I ran outside. He was slower than me so I put some distance between us. I ducked under a car while I saw the officer run by after about five minutes I saw the officer go back inside the mall. I made my way to the car and Caleb and Javon weren’t

  • It's Halloween : My Favorite Time Of School

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    It’s Halloween, my favorite time of year. My three friends and I spent hours getting ready at my house. This year, we are going to be superheroes, our best idea so far. We each had on a different colored capes and little tiny masks covering our eyes. This Halloween is going to be a blast. However, there was just one problem. Mom kept telling me that I needed to be home by ten, annoying. Apparently, a murderer escaped from prison about ten miles away from our town. Emma said “Mom